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Archive for April, 2011

The Basics of Genetically Modified Crops

You’ve probably heard of some of the popular genetically modified crops being grown these days.  Even if you haven’t heard of them, you’re probably eating them.  Some scientists estimate that 60-70% of the food on shelves in American supermarkets contains some GM ingredients.  The most popular: soy, cotton and corn. Let’s get some basics out […]

Recipe: Turkey Ossobucco

Ossobucco is an Italian dish traditionally made with veal, white wine, and broth.  The word itself “ossobucco” means ‘bone with a hole’, obviously referring to the long bones containing marrow on the interior.  We don’t actually eat the bone marrow of a turkey – I don’t really know why other than there isn’t much of it […]

Recipe: Classic Popover

When I was a kid, on rare occasion my family would go out to brunch at nice, homey tavern up the road from my parent’s house.  They served these enormous popovers that were warm and steamy when you tore it open.  If you added a little butter or jam it would heat up and get […]

Easy Spring Salads

Spring is finally here in Brooklyn, NY! Though most of the open farmers’ markets around NYC only have flowers so far, it won’t be long before you see many more fruits and vegetables grown in 2011.  Asparagus, salad greens (like spinach), carrots, radishes, and rhubarb are all delicious seasonal ingredients. Though onions and potatoes are (as usual) some of […]

Myth: To gain muscle, you need to eat lots of protein or take a supplement.

TRUTH: First, let me put this in perspective:  A 150-lb person would need about 65 grams of protein per day.  65 grams of protein equals: 2 eggs (12g), 1 serving of low fat yogurt (12g), 4 oz Chicken (35g), 1 cup rice (5g).  That’s it. For the day.  But you probably eat more than that […]

Easy Guide to Sustainable Eating

Whether or not you care about the environment, animal rights, or just being a responsible human being on this planet, sustainable living has become a topic that can’t be ignored.  The problem is that there are SO many messages out there, how can you pick and choose which habits to change that will have the […]

Recipe: Butternut Squash Sauté

Until a couple years ago, I had no idea that the skin of butternut squash is edible.  It doesn’t taste like much but when you want an easy way to cook squash, just slice it in half, remove the seeds and chop – it’ll be ready to cook in less than 5 minutes! Cooking at […]

Recipes: The Pouch Principle

I’m a big Food Network fan, particularly of Good Eats, Alton Brown’s show in which he discusses basic nutrition science principles and gives good recipes.  One of my favorite shows was called ‘The Pouch Principle’.  This article is pretty much a rip off the show (with a couple things added).  This guide is is fantastic […]

How To Cook Fish Perfectly

Follow these general guidelines below (but check your fish toward the end of the cooking time): Thickness Weight Temp & Time Filets & Steaks Medium-hot grill ½ inch 4-6 minutes ¾ inch 6-8 minutes 1 inch 8 – 10 minutes Kebabs -  1 inch cubes 8- 12 minutes Whole Fish Lower heat 1- 1 ½ […]

Recipe: Luscious Lemon Rounds

These lemon rounds are a perfect single serving dessert – you can make as little as one with ease (and left over lemon curd)! Get creative with this – try different shapes (like squares) or mold the phyllo into cupcake tins to make a phyllo cups. HINT: You can also buy frozen phyllo cups! Don’t be […]