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Archive for May, 2011

Recipe: Mango Sorbet with Blueberry Sauce (it’s only 100 calories!)

It’s never too early in the summer (or spring) for a cold dessert! I discovered, by accident, that frozen fruit makes a quick and easy sorbet without added sugar or flavorings. This sorbet works for ANY frozen fruit – try it with peaches, pineapple, or berries! The blueberry sauce is even better when you get […]

Myth: Skipping Meals Promotes Weight Loss

TRUTH: Though debatable – my vote is that skipping meals isn’t good to promote weight loss.  Studies actually show that people who skip meals as an attempt to cut calories and lose weight eat just as much as when they weren’t skipping meals.  Research also shows that large fluctuations in your blood sugar level (which […]

Ask Your Boss for a 12:30 Recess

Not just any recess – instant recess.  Instant recess is a 10-minute break that consists of a variety of quick exercises which can improve your productivity, mood, and even some health parameters. I know my blog readers are mostly fit, health-conscious people living in and around NYC – so you get more exercise than the […]

Recipe: Mom’s Lemon Chicken

Maybe my love for this recipe stems from the nostalgic feeling I get when eating it with couscous.  Maybe it’s the fact that it’s a little indulgent, but not too much.  Or maybe my love for this recipe comes from using it to convert non-lemon chicken lovers into believers.  Whatever the reason, this is a no-fail […]

Recipe: Kalamata Olive and Sun-dried Tomato Tapenade

Though traditional tapenade includes anchovies, I’m not a huge fan.  However, you can definitely add them if you are.  This recipe should have a paste-like consistency, so it’s easy to spread.  I like to make extra and store it in my fridge – the added oil and oil found naturally in olives will help keep […]

Myth: Eating after 8pm makes you gain weight

TRUTH: Eating extra calories makes you gain weight.  Period.  Many people tend to mindlessly snack in the evening, particularly if they’re watching tv or a movie.  We’ve all experienced this – you’re snacking on some popcorn or chips, reaching into the bag, eating a couple pieces at a time.  Before you know it, you’re feeling […]

How to Make an Indoor Smoker

People are amazed that I smoke foods in my tiny Brooklyn apartment.  Yes, it definitely smells like smoke afterwards.  However, if I do it on a warm evening and leave my windows ajar overnight, the smell is gone by the time I wake up (mostly).  But who cares?! It’s so delicious, let’s smoke something! Making […]

Recipe: Parsnip and Sweet Potato Pancakes

We’re nearing the end of May; also known as the end of the winter veggies.  This is a bittersweet month for me because my love for potatoes and root vegetables is only surpassed by my love of summer fruits (which, of course, I have to wait another 2 months for).  However, now is the time […]

Recipe: Sweet Forbidden Rice

Forbidden rice is a type of black rice that turns purple-ish when cooked.  A long, long time ago, in China, the only person allowed to eat this rice was the Emperor; it was forbidden to everyone else (hence the name).  This type of rice is often in eastern cultures for desserts, like pudding or porridge.  […]

Myth: Red meat is bad for your health

TRUTH: This isn’t entirely a myth, but it does need clarification. Here’s the bad news: red meat has more saturated fat than lean meats.  Increased saturated fat consumption is correlated with higher cholesterol (which is correlated with increased risk of heart disease).  For cancer, it’s hard to say whether or not red meat increases your […]