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Archive for July, 2011

Think it’s healthy? Think again!

Some foods sound healthy or look healthy, or are promoted as healthy, but they’re actual the result of millions of marketing dollars that want you to think that.  Here are a few offenders: Yogurt covered raisins.  Actually, make that yogurt covered anything, but especially raisins.  They’re sold in ginormous packages at movie theaters and have […]

Recipe: Ginger Scented Blueberry Salad

Blueberries and peaches are in full summer swing right now!  Not only are they at their peak, but they’re at their cheapest for the year.  Everything is less expensive when it’s in season.  If you shop from a farmers’ market, there’s a good chance your peaches were picked yesterday.  Besides, blueberries are one of the […]

Baked Sundried Tomato and Basil Chicken Spring Rolls

One of the first things you learn as a nutrition student is that convenience foods are convenient for a reason.  People like their compact-ness.  Something else I’ve learned is that when you tack the word ‘mini’ on to something, people like it even more.  For example, consider the regular hot dog vs. the pig in […]

Myth: Caffeine is dehydrating and should be avoided, especially before exercise

TRUTH:  Caffeine is one of the most popularly used and socially accepted stimulants across cultures – yet Americans have the idea that it causes dehydration engrained in our brains!  The theory is that since it’s a diuretic, caffeine increases urination so it is dehydrating.  But, this like so many things, readers, is false.  Research shows that it doesn’t significantly increase […]

How Super are Superfruits?

In a simple answer: no more super than “regular” fruits.  There are a lot of fruits, particularly exotic fruits hyped by the media these days, including goji berries, acai, mangosteen, sea berry, and the most common, pomegranate.  So, do they actually boost your health so much that monks in the Himalayas live for 100 years […]

Recipe: Sweet Wheat Berry Salad

This wheat berry salad is a great combination of whole grains and protein, while packing a sweet and hearty flavor.  It’s energy dense and is a great side for any summer party, from a brunch to a barbeque.  Because the dressing is thin, it can settle to the bottom, so if you’re making it ahead […]

Recipe: Maple Walnut Banana Bread

I’m not big on pastries or other baked goods but I really enjoy banana bread.  With a little bit of melt-y butter, it’s a perfect dessert or treat.  The problem is that often, banana bread just isn’t that healthy.  Between the sugar and white flour, it can feel like asted calories.  Here’s a recipe that’s […]

Myth: Eating locally is always better for the environment.

TRUTH: Gasp! Is this really a myth?!  ‘But Kate,’ you might say, ‘you help run a farmers’ market program!  You’re rendering your job useless!’  Not true, I say! It’s been cited (particularly in Michael Pollan’s Omnivore’s Dilemma) that the average American meal travels 1500 miles to get to your table.  Local food travels only a […]

Healthiest Cooking Methods

Let’s just jump right in… Steaming.  I’m sure it’s no surprise but steaming is ideal because foods retain their nutrients (vs. boiling, where some nutrients can be lost).  Plus, when steam doesn’t required any added fat. Broiling and Grilling. Indirect heat with little added fats.  It doesn’t take the top spot because the only foods […]

Recipe: Spicy Crusted Floudner

Easiest fish recipe ever.  I used flounder because it was available at my market, but this recipe would be great with other fish too, such as catfish.  Catfish is almost always served fried, but this recipe a great alternative with just as much flavor.  Buttermilk is always made with skim milk so it’s always going […]