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Archive for August, 2011

Recipe: Dinosaur Bar-B-Que’s Mutha Sauce

In another life, a different career (and what now feels like a different world), I used to travel most weeks to two different cities.  On these trips, there was usually very little time to explore the city outside of work.  Travelling with veterans who had been at the job for years gave me a quick […]

Grilled Summer Squash Panzanella

Panzanella is an all in one meal; it’s filling and can be adapted to accommodate whatever ingredients you have in your fridge.  Traditionally made in Italy with white bread, a modern version is done with fresh farmers’ market ingredients and a day old whole grain loaf.  If you want to make this a complete meal, […]

Myth: Gaining weight when you quit smoking is inevitable

TRUTH:  There are many causes of weight gain when people quit smoking and usually those who suffer from it are experiencing several of them.  A weight gain of up to 10 pounds is very typical, and it’s usually due to: Replacing smoking breaks with eating breaks.  Instead of taking a cigarette break, you take a break to […]

What’s in a Nutrient?

The globalization of trade sparked a new food environment worldwide.  Food environments traditionally based on locally procured items have expanded to offer a wide array of options from every corner of the earth.  Whereas girth was once considered a sign of wealth, it may now be a risk to one’s health.  But amidst all of […]

Recipe: Tomato Watermelon Salad

Yes, this salad tastes good and packs an amazing nutritional punch.  But what’s better is that you can get creative and trick your guests.  For example, use orange and green tomatoes but yellow  and pink watermelon.  Heirloom tomatoes come in many colors – and so do watermelons.  Farmers’ markets are the perfect place to pick up […]

Recipe: Oversized Fortune Cookies

I first got into the idea of making fortune cookies because I was looking for a clever gift to deliver a message.  Subsequently, I decided these cookies were crispy, light, and fun to make.  I highly encourage you to write out some fortunes, though I’ll be honest, I have yet to find a way to […]

Myth: A multivitamin is a good substitute for fruits and vegetables

TRUTH:  So much of the food environment and discussion in 2011 involves eating locally, seasonally, and reducing processing. So, riddle me this, why are we still turning to multivitamins that are synthetic compounds processed into tiny little capsules or pills?  Am I the only person who finds that a little hypocritical? First, let’s get this […]

Wash your Veggies! (or not…)

When I was a teenager, one of my daily rebelling strategies was to not wash my fruit; by simply eating a dirty bite of fresh fruit, I could bask in the satisfaction of making my mom squirm. I know what you’re thinking ‘not washing fruit’, is that the best that you could come up with? […]

Recipe: Spiced Plum Compote

Use this recipe as a topping for yogurt, dessert, french toast, or enjoy it on its own! Plums come in a variety of colors (green, yellow, red, purple, blue-black, amber) and you could easily make this recipe with any of them.  There are about 100 varieties of plums available around the United States, and the […]

Recipe: Polenta Cakes with Wild Mushrooms and Herbed Goat Cheese

I love polenta for its versatility and ability to compliment different ingredients and flavors.  Polenta is simply ground cornmeal and this dish can be made with a coarse grind, a finer grind, blue cornmeal (native to Navajo Indians), or even white cornmeal (native to Africa). I prefer stone ground cornmeal, which preserves some of the […]