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Archive for June, 2012

Foraging for Edible Flowers

Before I get into this, I want to highlight that I am not encouraging you to pick your neighbor’s tenderly cultivated flowers and eat them.  But, if you can stop to smell the wild roses, you could eat one too. There are a lot of edible flowers that add extra color and flavor to food. […]

Myth: “Raw” almonds are actually raw

TRUTH: Nearly all of the world’s almond supply is grown in California.  Every year, for a few weeks in the spring, millions and millions of bees are brought in to the pollinate almond trees (which only flower for 3 weeks). Then, the almonds are harvested and “pasteurized”. Don’t you love that word? So vague that […]

Eating Local Doesn’t Have to be Limiting

One of the issues with eating local foods exclusively is the simple fact that not all foods are grown in every region. We know we can’t grow almonds in the southwest or citrus in the northeast. The climates of those regions simply don’t support it. So, if and when is there a place for non-regional […]

Recipe: Cooling Cherry Granita with Mint

For those of you who may not be experiencing this, we’re in a heat wave for the next few days in NYC.  Heat wave means sticking no-cook recipes and enjoying cold foods that cool me down.  Fresh cherries are in season right now, and they’re a perfect treat to cool down with. ‘Granita’ is an […]

Myth: fresh seafood is always better than frozen

TRUTH:  Most people believe that fresh fish is best; the price tag is usually higher and top quality chefs only prepare fresh ingredients.  However, for the home cook, frozen can be a great option.  If you live close to water, truly fresh fish is relatively easy to come by.  For the inland population, “fresh” fish […]

Seasonal Jam Recipe: Apple Pie Jam

Not exactly seasonal but last harvest’s apples are at farmers markets – they might not be as crisp as they were, so using them for a cooked recipe is a great way to use ‘em.  Apple pie jam is a sweet spread best served cold and a great way to enjoy the flavors of apple […]

Myth: Urban farming can’t produce enough food to support communities

TRUTH: A question many policy makers, food activists, and community boards address is how to get fresh fruits and vegetables into low income areas with limited access.  Many people argue that sourcing local food will not support the entire population; however urban farmers are proving skeptics wrong.  Farmers’ markets sales in New York City are […]

10 easy microwavable meals at work, home or in a dorm

Buying or preparing food for a lunch doesn’t have to be a big deal.  As you probably know by now, microwaving can be a very quick and healthy way to cook food – particularly at work.  Everyone’s heard or seen people cook oatmeal at work or heat up a microwavable dinner, but what else is […]

Myth: Canola oil is dangerous and poisionous if you use it often

TRUTH:  Canola, like other oils, comes from pressing the seeds of the canola plant – a man made species of edible rapeseed oil.  It came about in the late 70’s as an alternative use of Canadian rapeseed oil (which was traditionally used as a lubricant on ships but was poisonous to humans) with a few […]

1 Promising and 9 Scary Facts about the State of the Planet

The 2012 WWF (World Wildlife Fund, not the former World Wrestling Federation, as some of you may know me) has released its 2012 report about the state of the planet.  The information in this 160-page document contains fascinating global research about the environment and biodiversity.  It highlights global issues as well as presents specific case […]