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Archive for July, 2012

Myth: Climate change is years from affecting our food supply

TRUTH:  Unfortunately, this myth can be busted in a single sentence: food prices may rise 3-4% this year due to the drought.  Here are the facts: 2012 is a record year for heat in the entire Northern Hemisphere. This drought is the worst in 50 years and is affecting more than 50% of the country. […]

Myth: Organic foods don’t contain pesticides

TRUTH: Organic foods contain organic pesticides – an important distinction but pesticides nonetheless.  The organic pesticides on the market are made from naturally occurring substances rather than lab-manufactured chemicals. On a small scale, some home gardeners use spray bottles with mixtures of oil and soap, orange peel-castile soap, garlic-pepper, or nicotine solutions.  Large-scale organic farms […]

Slow Food’s slow decline

You may have seen recent headlines and wondered what’s up with Slow Food USA. In one word: drama. Background: Slow Food International, the parent organization of the USA chapter, was founded in 1986 in Italy to preserve biodiversity and traditional foods.  Chapters have popped up all over the world in opposition to fast food.  It’s […]

Recipe: How to make your own flavored salts

Despite the bad rap that salt has gotten, it enhances the flavor of food and adds an extra dimension to your presentation.  Plus, contrary to popular belief, salt added at the table is not the culprit of high blood pressure (but you read my blog so you probably know that already). As a student and […]

Myth: School food is making kids obese

TRUTH: While obesity among adults has doubled in recent years, obesity among children has tripled. Many attribute poor quality school food (including breakfast, lunch, snacks and vending machines) as one of the major contributing factors to this rise in obesity rates. When I was in elementary, middle and some of high school, I ate school […]

Why you should care about food if you care about freedom

After World War II America became the undisputed superpower due to our strong military, economic, political and cultural power. Culturally, freedoms on which we pride ourselves, such as the freedom of speech and freedom of the press allow citizens to live in an open, democratic country. The United States also has the largest economy in […]

Recipe: Sweet and Spicy Cucumbers

Take advantage of Kirby cucumbers because they’re now in season.  Often, I would recommend making pickles with these cucumbers, but canning in the heat sounds a little tedious and uncomfortably hot.  Instead, this is a basic quick pickle that will last in your fridge for weeks. Sweet and Spicy Cucumbers Serves 6 6 Kirby cucumbers, […]

10 No-cook meals for hot summer days

Everyone is miserable in this heat.  Luckily, in NYC, we got a break this week and temperatures are (only) in the mid 80’s.  Last week, with temperatures in the high 90’s, many people were scrambling for easy and cool meals. Though the recipes below aren’t exact, experiment with the ingredients until you find a balanced […]

Myth: Genetically Modified Foods are safe to eat

TRUTH: In an effort to make this easy to read, I’m bulleting the major points because the research studies conducted so far paint a clear picture: Laboratory and livestock animal studies have found harmful effects from GMO seed. The most hyped GM nutritionally enhanced food (Golden Rice) hasn’t been proven safe or effective.  Meanwhile, a […]

Playing the Blame Game with Soda

Let’s establish a few facts that will be the basis of this post: Disadvantaged populations consume soda more frequently than any other group. Increased soda consumption is also linked with minority groups, low-income status, and less education. Soda has a lot of calories and few nutrients. Consuming excess calories leads to weight gain. Many people […]