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Myth: Energy drinks boost energy

TRUTH: Most energy drinks contain a lot of caffeine or a lot of sugar (or both) – which can provide a short burst of energy, but generally isn’t worth it because you’ll crash afterwards. Depending on the drink, it may contain one or more of these other classes of ingredients: Stimulants– they stimulate the central […]

Myth: You are very healthy

TRUTH:  How can I even make such a claim?!  Though this isn’t an attempt to insult your intelligence, it’s very likely that you overestimate how healthy you are.  We’ve all heard the statistic that about two thirds of Americans are overweight, right?  On top of that, consider the less common (but nonetheless rampant) thin but […]

Myth: Exercising for a longer period of time is always better

TRUTH:  In a recent study of 60 Danish men (who were fit but heavy), the results were clear that after a 3 month period, exercising for 60 minutes does not necessarily mean more weight loss than exercising for 30.  You might be wondering why (I am too) – but there’s probably a simple answer: those […]

Myth: Donating enough food aid to feed the world would cost Americans’ billions

TRUTH:  Many people assume that if the U.S. government supplies more food to starving Americans or other nations, it would cost taxpayers billions per year.  However, what we really need to do is take a long hard look at how we use food at home.  A recent study published examined the food waste in America […]

Myth: nutritional claims and calorie counts on labels and menus are accurate

TRUTH: I want to preface this with an experience I had this past Saturday.  I was entering Dunkin Donuts to purchase an iced coffee. Outside the entrance, there was a thin, frail man who was hungry and asking for food, not money, just food. As I walked in, I decided to purchase a muffin for […]

Myth: The rich care more about eating healthy and spend more money on food than the poor

TRUTH: This myth bothers me so much. First, no one wants to feel tired, sluggish, out of shape, or have diseases. Some people are less motivated – but that doesn’t mean that they don’t care. False assumption. Second, in a recent study published by the USDA, low income populations (food stamp recipients) were significantly more […]

Myth: Sugar is toxic

TRUTH:  Claims that sugar is toxic have become more popular recently due to Americans’ overconsumption of highly palatable foods (like soda, candy, cakes, cookies, etc).  At this point, it’s been clearly established that extra calories from any foods are stored in our bodies as fat.  But, the question remains – is sugar toxic? Dr. Robert […]

Myth: Eating fats will make you fat

TRUTH: Eating fat will not make you fat.  Simply not true.  Eating fat is essential – we need fats to live but our bodies cannot make them without a sufficient dietary source.  It’s true that fats contain more calories per gram than protein, carbohydrate, or alcohol; however, all that means is that they’re more concentrated […]

Myth: Avoiding grains (i.e. the Paleo diet) is true to our ancestors

TRUTH:  Omitting grains is emphasized for those following the Paleo Diet because proponents claim that humans aren’t adapted to eating grains.  In short, these claims are completely unfounded and, in some cases, just plain false.  Here’s a look at the grain-related claims: Claim #1: Humans aren’t meant to eat grains. Claim #2: Humans have only […]

Myth: You should cut out gluten to lose weight or be healthy

TRUTH: Going gluten free is very popular these days – a new study says that 80% of people on a gluten free diet do not have celiac disease.  80%! To be fair, some of those people are probably gluten sensitive and only about 1 in 5 people with Celiac disease are diagnosed but still, that’s […]