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Why you should care about minimum wage if you care about food

Minimum wage is a hot topic these days, now that Seattle has increased it to $15 per hour and NY recently increased it to $9 per hour by 2016.   $15 per hour is also being considered in NYC, as legislation was proposed a couple months ago. Chances are, you’re not a minimum wage worker.  I’m just […]

To grill or to smoke: the essential summer question

Grilling cooks food by directly exposing food to a flame while smoking cooks foods by heating wood chips.  Smoldering wood chips produce smoke, which cooks food.   Obviously you know this – so, so what?  Well, the temperature difference between grilling and smoking has health implications.  Heating foods increases how easily your body absorbs some nutrients […]

How to: Compost Indoors with Worms

Vermicomposting, or worm composting is an incredibly easy process that every urban, suburban, or rural dweller should do.  Why?  Because if you want to grow plants – fruits, vegetables, flowers, herbs, ANY PLANT – the rich nutrients in the worm poop (aka castings) will help your plants flourish. A well-maintained worm bin will not smell […]

It’s official: Food Trucks are no longer cool

Though I am a proponent of food trucks, especially as a way for small producers to start their business, I suspect they’ve seen their best days.  Why would I make such an assertion?   As of May 15th, the Starbucks Frappucino Truck hit San Diego and, as of today, has made its way to LA […]

Silencing ‘Ag-Gag’ Bills

I want to shed some light on an  appalling trend in legislation, that has emerged in the last 12 months: Ag-Gag bills.  I’m hoping that with a catchy name, people will listen and lobbyists won’t have a fighting chance of getting more of these nonsense bills passed. Basically, Ag-Gag is a term for any proposed […]

10 Alternative Steps for Staying Healthy

Let’s play a visualization game.  I’d ask you to close your eyes, but since I don’t have voice over for this blog post, I’ll just ask you to read slowly and really think about this: Think of the last time you were hungry.  A time when your stomach ached with emptiness and growled for food.  […]

Glutens Goodness in Flour’s Power

So you’ve heard of white, wheat, corn…and maybe a few other flours.  You might not care much about flour but when attempting to bake, the flour you choose can make or break you. This is where gluten content is key.  Gluten is a sticky, stretchy protein that helps create structure and substance in baked goods.  […]

Top Food, Nutrition and Wine Apps in 2013

I’m an iphone user and I have very few apps on my phone, mostly because I’m so overwhelmed with the choices that I can’t decide.  I need someone to tell me which I should use.  While I may not know the best games or media apps, I can form my own opinions about the food […]

Travel Nationally, Eat locally

Resolving to travel and explore new places more frequently in the upcoming year is a popular resolution.  As you might expect, I would suggest eating locally when doing so but let’s add another layer: eating the most commonly produced foods from a region.  Local is local is local, so why bother, you ask?  Simply not […]

5 ways the government could improve our food system (and health)

As you probably know, the US is at a fiscal critical moment.  One of the major discussions in this year’s election debates is what programs should or should not be cut from the federal budget.  The Farm Bill costs the federal government about $300 billion dollars – 15% of which (aka $45 billion) is spent […]