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Archive for Sweet Treats

Recipe: Spiced Apple Cider Soft Caramels

This recipe makes so many caramels that if you don’t have a way of gifting them, cut it in half!  In making this recipe, I tried to cut some of the sugar and cream in traditional caramels, and still end up with a buttery, creamy texture.  I arrived at this recipe by accident – I […]

Recipe: Minted Green Tea Yogurt Filled Raspberries

Anyone who’s ever had green tea ice cream knows that it’s an earthy flavor and with a little creamy sweetness, it becomes delicate and light.  I suggest using Matcha green tea because it’s finely ground and powdery. If you have large berries (or are using strawberries), use an egg carton to keep the berries upright.  […]

Recipe: Whole Fruit Pops

One of my biggest issues with summer desserts is that it is very often unhealthy.  Ice cream, gelato, sorbet with added sugar, fruit pies and cobblers, and chilled cheesecakes often top the list of sugary sweets.  Not necessary!  Making refreshing desserts doesn’t have to be highly caloric. Try using some creative molds to make these […]

Recipe: Dark Chocolate Sponge Cakes with Blueberry Sauce

Sponge cake is light and airy but still very satisfying as a sweet treat.  The trick is to make pre-portioned amounts so you don’t go overboard and indulge too much!  I like to prepare these cakes with blueberry sauce, but I’ve also made them with strawberry sauce or lemon curd.  For a nice presentation, slice […]

Recipe: Baklava Bundles

The history of Baklava is up for debate but it may date back to Mesopotamia, around the 13th century.  That’s old!  Its earliest concoctions were probably made with dough, nuts, sweets (like fruits).  These days, it’s made with all kinds of nuts, sweets or seldomly-used ingredients like rose water, depending on what region of the […]

Recipe: Apples with Cherry Glaze

Out with the old and in with the new!  It’s a little sad to see last year’s apple harvest dwindle, as the last of the cold storage apples are sold at farmers’ markets.  But springtime brings back the cherry!  Cherries and berries (strawberries) are coming into season, and though local cherries aren’t available in New […]

Recipe: Pineapple Raisin Bread Pudding

Bread pudding has roots in many cultures’ food histories, from Europe to Argentina.  It’s a dessert that’s a great use for stale bread and can be flavored with so many different fruits and spices, so try experimenting!  Some other ideas include trying different dried fruits or using maple syrup in lieu of sugar. This is […]

Recipe: Sweet Apple and Persimmon Sauté

I know that you’re probably already skeptical of this recipe, given that it’s less common to have sautéed desserts.  But, I’m saving you fat and (obviously) calories by making this a sauté.  Normally, this sauté might be used as a filling for pies or other pastry desserts.  However, pastry itself is just refined flour and […]

Recipe: Kabocha Flan

Flan is a traditionally French dessert, a creamy, caramel-y custard (similar to crème brulee).  The main difference is that flan has a soft, liquid caramel on top vs. the hard, caramel shell of crème brulee.  In Europe it’s often made with a pastry crust, but the type we’re used to in the United States is […]

Recipe: Pumpkin Pie Pockets with Vanilla Cream

I’m a sucker for a vegetable dessert.  I am.  I used to swear by canned pumpkin for this recipe (not canned pumpkin pie, but canned pumpkin).  However, it’s very easy to use a real pumpkin the taste is so much better. Pumpkin Pie is often made with tons of cream and sugar (what’s not to […]