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Recipe: Spicy Plum Salsa

This salsa is great because it’s sweet and very colorful if you choose a variety of colored plums.  It’s can be served as a side salad, dip, or with grilled fish or chicken.   Spicy Plum Salsa Serves 6 6 plums, diced – yellow, red and purple 1 small cucumber, seeded and diced 3-4 dried […]

Recipe: Homemade butter

You might be thinking “why should I bother to make my own butter, it’s easy enough to purchase”.  And you’re right, it’s easy to purchase but I can make a case for churning your own: To make flavored butter at it’s freshest. To ensure that the butter is organic and hormone free by purchasing cream […]

Recipe: How to make your own flavored salts

Despite the bad rap that salt has gotten, it enhances the flavor of food and adds an extra dimension to your presentation.  Plus, contrary to popular belief, salt added at the table is not the culprit of high blood pressure (but you read my blog so you probably know that already). As a student and […]

10 No-cook meals for hot summer days

Everyone is miserable in this heat.  Luckily, in NYC, we got a break this week and temperatures are (only) in the mid 80’s.  Last week, with temperatures in the high 90’s, many people were scrambling for easy and cool meals. Though the recipes below aren’t exact, experiment with the ingredients until you find a balanced […]

Seasonal Jam Recipe: Apple Pie Jam

Not exactly seasonal but last harvest’s apples are at farmers markets – they might not be as crisp as they were, so using them for a cooked recipe is a great way to use ‘em.  Apple pie jam is a sweet spread best served cold and a great way to enjoy the flavors of apple […]

Seasonal Jam Series: Gingered Rhubarb

For general jammin’ information, check out this post about water bath canning or this general guide to home canning. *Remember: you can always make jam and eat it right away (no canning necessary)! Gingered Rhubarb Jam Makes about 1 quart 8 cups chopped rhubarb, chopped 8 cups halved strawberries (you can use frozen if you […]

Recipe: Crispy Panko Fish Sticks with Tzatziki Dip

In an effort to embrace fish sticks, a popular fast food treat, this recipe offers a tasty and healthy alternative to the breaded and fried fast food sticks served with tartar sauce.  There are a few major changes to make ‘em healthier.   First and most obviously: don’t fry them.  Second, use fresh fish – if […]

Recipe: Tomato Baba Ganoush

I almost titled this recipe “lazy” baba ganoush but I think that gives the wrong impression of this recipe.  However, it conveys what I want it to convey – this is the most simple baba (for short) recipe that I’ve ever made; and it’s delicious because most of the ingredients are raw. When you think […]

Recipe: Blueberry Grape Relish

I know that a mere 4 weeks ago I claimed to be “dying” for summer fruits.  Maybe I was a little overdramatic, but again, I’m dying for summer fruits!  The strawberries in the Strawberry-Chipotle Compote were satisfying but they only satisfied my craving for about a month. This week, I’m moving onto a different summer […]

Recipe: Raw Tomatillo Salsa

Tomatillo salsa (aka salsa verde) is very common in Mexican and Latin American cuisine – sometimes spicy, sometimes sweet.  Though they’re typically green, there’s also a purple variety that tastes very similar. Usually the best way to bring out the sweet flavor of tomatillos is by roasting them – but boiling is not uncommon either.  […]