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Recipe: Strawberry Chipotle Compote

I’m dying for some summer fruits!  I’m all squashed out right now and I’m guessing many of us are feeling the same way.  At a recipe tasting I conducted yesterday, where people tasted and compared 4 acorn squash recipes, someone commented “Tasty! They looked appealing but I can’t pick one. I’m sick of squash! (But […]

Recipe: Fresh Cranberry Relish with Orange Zest

There aren’t too many fall and winter fruits in the northeast and cranberries are my favorite winter berry (and the only).  My problem with most cranberry sauces (especially those at Thanksgiving feasts) is that they’re clumpy, jelly-like blobs with chunks of fruit that vaguely resemble cranberries.  I’m just generally not a fan of unrecognizable foods […]

Recipe: Whole Wheat Everything Bagels

While I realize that bagels are simply boiled and baked pieces of dough, there is an art to making good bagels.  I’m very proud of my local Brooklyn bagel spot because not only do they make incredibly delicious bagels, but they make a huge variety.  My choice: a mini-flat everything bagel.  ‘Mini’ for obvious reasons […]

Recipe: Sweet Corn Cakes

When I was in college at Boston University (and unconcerned with good nutrition), there were a million great restaurants to explore – most of which I couldn’t afford.  I discovered that one of my friends loved the restaurant chain Chi-Chi’s as much as I did so we’d make the 30+ minute excursion to Framingham, MA […]

Recipe: Blueberry Lemon Breakfast Bars

It’s often just about this time of year when I start missing all the summer berries, so I like to dig into my frozen stash and use a few to reminisce about the summer’s treats.  Think of this recipe as a dessert pancake, though I usually cut them into bars and snack.  If you want, […]

Recipe: Apple and Fig Spread

Most people in the northeast probably know that fall is apple season.  But the late summer and early fall is fig season too.  Right now we’re nearing the end of fresh, sweet farmers market figs.  This recipe takes advantage of the seasonal produce crossover from summer to fall.  I’ve also canned a pared down version […]

Recipe: Easy Tomato Basil Sauce

My household is probably guilty of the most chronic overuse of jarred tomato sauce.  Spaghetti was my family’s go-to meal when I was a kid (it’s still my father’s favorite dish), and it’s a good go to now.  When I was a kid, the different flavors of jarred sauce offered the only variety that I […]

Recipe: Dinosaur Bar-B-Que’s Mutha Sauce

In another life, a different career (and what now feels like a different world), I used to travel most weeks to two different cities.  On these trips, there was usually very little time to explore the city outside of work.  Travelling with veterans who had been at the job for years gave me a quick […]

Recipe: Maple Walnut Banana Bread

I’m not big on pastries or other baked goods but I really enjoy banana bread.  With a little bit of melt-y butter, it’s a perfect dessert or treat.  The problem is that often, banana bread just isn’t that healthy.  Between the sugar and white flour, it can feel like asted calories.  Here’s a recipe that’s […]

Recipe: Kalamata Olive and Sun-dried Tomato Tapenade

Though traditional tapenade includes anchovies, I’m not a huge fan.  However, you can definitely add them if you are.  This recipe should have a paste-like consistency, so it’s easy to spread.  I like to make extra and store it in my fridge – the added oil and oil found naturally in olives will help keep […]