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Myth: Eating after 8pm makes you gain weight

TRUTH: Eating extra calories makes you gain weight.  Period.  Many people tend to mindlessly snack in the evening, particularly if they’re watching tv or a movie.  We’ve all experienced this – you’re snacking on some popcorn or chips, reaching into the bag, eating a couple pieces at a time.  Before you know it, you’re feeling the crinkly aluminum at the bottom of the bag thinking ‘where’d THAT go?!’  It’s happened to all of us.

A popular belief is that eating after 8 or when you’re sedentary in the evening means that the calories you consume will just be converted right to fat.  In actuality, the calories you consume while you’re sedentary at your desk at 10am are treated the same way as the calories you consume while you’re sedentary on the couch at 10pm.  So, eat after 8 if you’re hungry, but don’t overeat after 8 or 9 or 10.  Actually, just try to avoid overeating in general (though that’s a lot easier said than done).

BOTTOM LINE: Your metabolism cannot tell time.  Though you have an internal clock for circadian rhythm, it doesn’t determine anything else.


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