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Myth: Genetically Modified Foods are safe to eat

TRUTH: In an effort to make this easy to read, I’m bulleting the major points because the research studies conducted so far paint a clear picture:

  • Laboratory and livestock animal studies have found harmful effects from GMO seed.
  • The most hyped GM nutritionally enhanced food (Golden Rice) hasn’t been proven safe or effective.  Meanwhile, a serving of sweet potato provides about 440% of your daily Vitamin A needs though, I’ll admit that it doesn’t have quite the same shelf life).
  • There are no GM nutritionally enhanced foods on the market (so, they’re no healthier than their natural counterparts).
  • Conventional plant breeding has yielded nutritionally enhanced, safe foods.
  • Some argue that the European Union has not found negative correlations with GM foods and health – but they’re blatantly wrong.  Studies by Poulsen, Schroder, and 3 SAFOTEST studies prove them wrong.
  • The studies that claim GM crops are safe are more likely to have been funded by the industry and therefore biased.
  • GM foods have not been proven safe for human consumption because there are very few studies and those studies show problems.
  • Two outbreaks of illness have been linked to GM foods (L-tryptophan and StarLink Maize).

I could go on (for quite a while) but I won’t.  The point is that as of now, there is clear evidence that GM foods can be harmful but very little evidence that proves they can be beneficial.

BOTTOM LINE: Some studies show that GM foods can be toxic or allergenic.  But, if you’re purchasing corn, per se, you don’t expect it to contain allergens or toxins.



  1. Earth Open Source’s report on GMO Foods
  2. Op Ed News: Unsafe to Eat: A New Report Highlights the Dangers of GM Foods

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