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Myth: Skipping Meals Promotes Weight Loss

TRUTH: Though debatable – my vote is that skipping meals isn’t good to promote weight loss. 

Studies actually show that people who skip meals as an attempt to cut calories and lose weight eat just as much as when they weren’t skipping meals.  Research also shows that large fluctuations in your blood sugar level (which is directly affect by when and how much you eat) may make person more likely to develop diabetes.  When you go for 8 hours between meals, your blood sugar drops significantly and then rises when you eat.  So, by regularly going for long periods without eating, you may be putting your health at risk.

But, I can’t ignore the fact that if you ARE able to control your caloric intake then skipping a meal would be a reduction of calories.  Yes, in that case, skipping meals will lead to weight loss.

Here’s my issue with conceding that:  Losing weight and adopting healthier eating patterns to consume an appropriate amount of calories (so that you don’t gain the weight back), is about finding a long-lasting solution.  If skipping one meal every day for the rest of your life is feasible, then try it!  However, in my opinion, it would be better for your health to be less extreme – just train yourself to eat fewer calories in a sitting.  If you’re able to reduce your calories overall, then you can enjoy 3 (or more!) meals every day and maintain a healthy weight. There’s no reason weight loss should be an extreme process. 

BOTTOM LINE:  You can lose weight by skipping a meal IF you can control your caloric intake throughout the day.  However, a better method is simply to cut 100-200 calories from each meal and eat an appropriate number of calories throughout the day.


  1. New York Times Article (if you read this, review the reader comments as they bring up some good points about the studies):
  2. Everyday Health article written by an MD:


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