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Product Spotlight: Holy Crap, Dragon’s Blend

Why have I chosen Holy Crap Cereal for the product spotlight? (Isn’t it obvious?!)  This cereal claims to be the worlds most amazing breakfast cereal.  Plus, it’s the Dragon’s blend.  And, clearly, they’re well fed, so since this is their blend, I’m in.


Here are the nutritional claims on the package (including the back), in no particular order:

  1. Free of: gluten, lactose.  True, as confirmed by the ingredient list.
  2. Vegan.  Again, true, as confirmed by the ingredient list.
  3. Kosher.  Always true if the package claims it but ‘kosher’ does not mean that a food is necessarily healthy or organic.
  4. Source of Omega 3 & 6 polyunsaturated fatty acids.  Don’t be deceived by the claim.  They’re not actually claiming that it’s a good or great source.   The cereal may have negligible amounts, but the fact that they list out the entire title of “Omega 3 & 6 poly..” makes it sound official.
  5. Source of calcium and protein.  (See number 6).  Yes, it contains some calcium and protein.
  6. 8 Full servings per bag. Though not a nutritional claim, it’s interesting that the Dragon’s include this because it sparked me to check the serving size.  2 tablespoons.  130 calories is a lot for 2 tablespoons of food, these dragons must really know what they’re doing.
  7. “All natural ingredients” (as claimed on the ingredient list).  This claim is not, in and of itself, enough to deduce that the ingredients are organic.  However, their ingredient list also claims “No GMO” and says “organic” before every ingredient.  You can believe then, that their “all natural” claim does, in fact mean “all natural”.
  8. High in: Iron, dietary fiber. This claim is not true.  In order to substantiate it, I turned to the label and looked at the Daily Value column.   In general:
    • 5% of the DV means a food is “low” in a particular nutrient,
    • 5-20% is “moderate”
    • 20% or more is “high”
      • This cereal has only 10% DV Iron and 16% DV Fiber.  So, it is moderate in both iron and fiber.


        I like it (not the taste, the claims).  I’ve actually never tasted it so I can neither confirm nor deny if it’s the world’s most amazing breakfast cereal.  Though its high in calories, the serving directions suggests that it absorbs liquid, so 130 calories might not be exorbitant.

        However, I like it because their claims are all reasonable and they have an updated organic certificate on their website.  They seem to be transparent, and clearly, they believe in their product.

        Has anyone tried Holy Crap Cereal?!

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