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It’s official: Food Trucks are no longer cool

o-STARBUCKS-FRAPPUCCINO-TRUCK-570Though I am a proponent of food trucks, especially as a way for small producers to start their business, I suspect they’ve seen their best days.  Why would I make such an assertion?
As of May 15th, the Starbucks Frappucino Truck hit San Diego and, as of today, has made its way to LA (cities that have over 200 Starbucks locations already).  And, they’ve got a great sales tactic – they’re offering jenga, music, and oversized croquet to customers.  Though you may have seen the promotional Starbucks Truck on the streets of New York, this is an entirely new effort with a business model aimed to directly boost sales.
I’m not criticizing Starbucks – after all, they have responsible purchasing practices and by 2015, 100% of their coffee will be ethically sourced.  But, if you know anything about large corporation’s carbon footprint, you know that the food miles add up – and a food truck that travels 120 miles between cities has a bigfoot-print.
I’d still rather purchase my coffee from a local roaster at my farmers market, like my friends at Raus Coffee who promote “Coffee for Humanity” – a declared ethical obligation to everyone involved in their business from coffee growers to customers.
And, with about $15 billion in yearly sales, over 11,000 domestic locations, and over 4 million cups served per day in the US alone, when Starbucks hits the food truck scene, you have to ask yourself: if Starbucks is doing it, isn’t everybody?

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