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What Meyers-Briggs Doesn’t Tell You


Personality tests are popular and fun – whether you take one formally or to find out what kind of superhero you’d be.  Meyers-Briggs is the gold standard of personality tests used in psychological testing and career counseling.  From this test, reputable proctors can tell you what your main personality characteristics are.  For instance, I’m an ENFP; extroverted, intuitive, feeling and perceptive (vs. introverted, sensing, thinking and judging).  There’s greater detail given, but you get the gist.

So, based on your predominant characteristics, you can identify patterns of eating that you might be susceptible to.  Check out the list below and let me know if this is true for you!

Perfectionists, workaholics, and those ‘always on the go’.  You eat out of necessity – food is fuel; it’s not something you get distracted by or spend a lot of time preparing. 

  • Strength: you can be satisfied easily without much fuss
  • Challenge: making health a priority and choosing healthy foods on the go

Feelers, empathizers and sympathizers.  You’re likely to be susceptible to emotional eating, to indulge in comfort food or to experience weight fluctuation. 

  • Strength:  you’re more likely to enjoy, savor, and derive pleasure from eating
  • Challenge: monitoring what you eat during the good times and bad

Independents, innovators, and artists.  You don’t care about the status quo and you like being a little inventive.

  • Strength: You generally enjoy food and enjoy eating a variety of foods – which means ample nutrients, vitamins, and minerals.  You’re likely to experiment in the kitchen, which means healthy options!
  • Challenge: Parties with a lot of options, such as those during holidays are likely a place you’ll overeat (who doesn’t?!)

Improvers, do’ers, movers and shakers. You get things done! And once those things are done, you do more.

  • Strength: You’re often working on yourself, so you’re probably eating a mostly healthy diet.  Or, at least you’re trying to, which leads me to your…
  • Challenge: Your lifestyle lends itself to taking popular nutrition advice (where would you find the time?!), which may lead you to misinformation. Find a reputable and reliable source and you will prevail!

Organizers, planners, preparers. You’re prepared in every situation because you plan well.

  • Strength: You’re great at meal planning and sticking to a food budget.  You don’t often find yourself ravenous and sans sustenance.
  • Challenge: It may be hard for you to be flexible so expect the unexpected!  If you find yourself in a situation where you’re hungry but can’t get something healthy, it’s ok to have a food you deem ‘bad’. Don’t beat yourself up, you and I both know you won’t make a habit of it.


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