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Recipe: Ideas for Thanksgiving Leftovers

Use the extra turkey for a quick and easy pasta topping!

It’s almost been a week and you still have Thanksgiving leftovers? Here are a few recipe suggestions for creative ways to use the last of your bounty.

Cranberry Relish/Sauce:

If the sauce is fresh (with uncooked cranberries)

  • Add it to sangria or spiced wine
  • Add it to yogurt with a little brown sugar or maple syrup
  • Use it for a salad dressing, add a little oil, vinegar, and make a raw Brussels sprout slaw
  • Use it in muffins in place of dried cranberries

If the sauce is cooked (with a thicker consistency):

  • Use it to top eggs and biscuits, the acid will cut through the richness of the egg yolk.
  • Make a salsa!  Check out this great cranberry salsa recipe


  • Make a casserole
  • Use it in a spicy turkey and Swiss chard soup (check back tomorrow for the recipe)!
  • Make a curry: Prepare any vegetable curry recipe and add diced turkey in the last few minutes, just until it warms up.
  • Make a quesadilla, burrito, or tacos.  You can even reheat the turkey by sautéing it in taco seasoning (cumin, paprika, chili powder) to give it an extra kick.
  • Add it to your wrap!  Turkey will add extra protein and flavor to a wrap and it’s a lot lower in sodium than deli meat.

Sweet Potatoes

  • Make a sweet potato pie
  • If yours is already pureed, cook another squash and puree, combine the dishes and create a winter squash soup.
  • Use as a filling for tamales; just add a few extra ingredients and steam in a corn husk!  Try Bobby Flay’s recipe.
  • Make a Shepard’s Pie (you can use the extra turkey for this too)!
  • Sweet potato fritters – just lightly sauté sweet potato patties on both sides.  Add savory or sweet herbs and spices to your “batter”.

Green Beans

  • Eat them with hummus – just because they’re cooked, doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy them as a snack
  • Add them to a Nicoise salad
  • Add to pasta, lasagna, or other pasta dish.
  • Cut into small pieces, mix with washed, canned beans, and make into a 2, 3 or 4 bean salad.

The simplest idea and my preferred leftover dinner:  Take everything and throw it in a stir fry.  Serve it over brown rice. After seemingly endless dishwashing, this one pot recipe is the way to go!

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