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*Kate is now offering Telehealth services; consultations and counseling via Skype.  If you’re interested, please contact Kate!

Kate helps individuals make lasting changes by integrating her exercise expertise, food and nutrition knowledge, and culinary skill in a personalized plan.  By empowering her clients with the knowledge and skills needed to attain goals, Kate enables them to begin lifelong changes at a comfortable pace.

Each private client undergoes a nutrition appraisal, where goals are identified and a plan is developed.  The number of sessions scheduled is based on the needs and desires of each client but there is no commitment required.

In addition to one-on-one counseling, Kate offers a variety of group services, consulting, and fun nutrition and cooking classes.  See the list below or contact Kate for more information.

Individual Services

  • Healthy Eating and Behavior Modification
  • Weight Management
  • Medical Nutrition Therapy
    • Gastroenterology and Hepatology
    • Autoimmune disorders; allergies and intolerances
    • Oncology
    • Psychiatry
  • Sports Nutrition
    • Calories and Macronutrients
    • Weight Management
    • Dietary Supplements
    • Eating for Competition and Recovery
    • Hydration and Fluid Replacement
    • Body Image and Disordered Eating
    • Food Quality and Timing

Group Services

Couples Care

Trying to change together? This is the perfect time to discuss ways to help each other. Whether it’s trying to lose weight, eat healthier, exercise more, or learning how to cook, this session is perfectly geared to enable you both to be successful. By the end of the 3-5 session series, your individual goals will be defined and you will learn new ways to help each other and grow together.

At-Home Analysis

Knowing what’s in your cupboard and how you can use it can help you save on your food budget and help keep stock of the basics for a quick meal. Kitchen’s can be overwhelming to organize unless you have help. In this 2-hour at-home session, we will organize your pantry, discuss your menu options, and create a list of staples based on your preferred meals. After examining the items currently in your fridge and pantry, we will update your ‘staples’ list to focus on healthy, affordable foods. If you have weight goals, we can overhaul your pantry together! Choose this service if you need help in the kitchen or advice on your favorite ingredients!

Grazing the Grocer

There are over 10,000 new products introduced to supermarkets every year in the US, and it’s nearly impossible to know if any, or all are better for your budget…or waistline! Together, we will walk through your local market and you’ll have a chance to ask about all the products you always wondered about! This is an ideal option for those trying to make healthier choices but overwhelmed by the variety.

Cook with Your Kids

Getting your kids involved with food promotes being healthy and having fun! Playing with your food isn’t always a bad thing! I will arrive at your home with enough groceries for fun snacks and activities for two hours (maximum four children). By the end of these 90 minutes, they are sure to want to eat MORE fruits and vegetables!

Exercise and Energize

Want to start exercising? Bored of your old gym routine? Don’t know what to try? Let’s do it together! The Exercise and Energize program is designed to introduce groups to new ways to exercise and nourishing your body properly. Programs are tailored to your exercise interests. Some sample suggested activities include: Power cardio, running to compete, and at-home strength training. These sessions will help you get motivated, start exercising, and learn about nutrition while you do it!

Consulting Services

Corporate/Group Wellness

These seminars, conducted in-house for employees or groups can provide tips and tricks aimed to keep your staff healthy and happy. The guided discussion format of these seminars provides useful advice while allowing for maximum participation. Employees will have all their nutrition and exercise questions answers and leave better equipped to perform their best. Potential topics include (but are not limited to):

  • Tackling Take-Out (Lunches and Dinners)
  • Quick Meals during Long Hours
  • Smart Snacking
  • Beneficial Breakfasts
  • Lose Weight and Manage Workplace Stress
  • Eat-n-Run (Eating and Exercising for Hectic Lifestyles)

If you would like to address other areas of nutrition during these seminars, please contact Kate for a detailed list of all topics covered or suggest a new one and Kate will create a seminar to target your needs.

Material and Lesson Development for Low Income Populations

Kate works with low-income, low-literacy populations to make education effective and relevant.  To purchase materials or request specific materials, please contact Kate.