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Myth: “Raw” almonds are actually raw

TRUTH: Nearly all of the world’s almond supply is grown in California.  Every year, for a few weeks in the spring, millions and millions of bees are brought in to the pollinate almond trees (which only flower for 3 weeks). Then, the almonds are harvested and “pasteurized”. Don’t you love that word? So vague that […]

Recipe: Homemade Almond Milk

Though I don’t have anything against cow’s milk, I don’t really enjoy drinking it.  The only time I’ll have milk is on cereal (and that happens about twice a year).  I’m not opposed to it; I eat cheese and yogurt, I just don’t like drinking milk.  And I know I’m not alone. However, I do […]

Recipe: Baklava Bundles

The history of Baklava is up for debate but it may date back to Mesopotamia, around the 13th century.  That’s old!  Its earliest concoctions were probably made with dough, nuts, sweets (like fruits).  These days, it’s made with all kinds of nuts, sweets or seldomly-used ingredients like rose water, depending on what region of the […]

Recipe: Grilled Apricots with Sweet Mascarpone

This dessert is light and very easy to make.  It’s perfect for serving to a large group or for a quick snack.  Macerating fruit in a bit of sugar draws out its own juice so it can marinate before cooking.  The brown sugar adds an extra layer of flavor to the apricots, making them even […]

Recipe: Oversized Fortune Cookies

I first got into the idea of making fortune cookies because I was looking for a clever gift to deliver a message.  Subsequently, I decided these cookies were crispy, light, and fun to make.  I highly encourage you to write out some fortunes, though I’ll be honest, I have yet to find a way to […]

Recipe: Homemade Frozen Yogurt

New York City in the summer is amazing and brutal at the same time. The city never feels more alive, especially if you’re at Tasti-D, Pinkberry, 16 Handles, Red Mango, or any one of the hundreds of ice cream and gelato shops.  Instead of standing on line, make your own! The full fat version of […]

Recipe: Almond Panna Cotta

Tiny New York apartments come equipped with teeny-tiny kitchens, so when I stumble upon dessert recipes that only require a little cooking, I jump on it.  Barely any cooking also means fewer dirty dishes, so this recipe is for all the people who want a no-guilt, little-cooking, little-cleanup dessert.  And really, who doesn’t want that?! […]