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Glutens Goodness in Flour’s Power

So you’ve heard of white, wheat, corn…and maybe a few other flours.  You might not care much about flour but when attempting to bake, the flour you choose can make or break you. This is where gluten content is key.  Gluten is a sticky, stretchy protein that helps create structure and substance in baked goods.  […]

Recipe: Homemade butter

You might be thinking “why should I bother to make my own butter, it’s easy enough to purchase”.  And you’re right, it’s easy to purchase but I can make a case for churning your own: To make flavored butter at it’s freshest. To ensure that the butter is organic and hormone free by purchasing cream […]

Recipe: Whole Wheat Everything Bagels

While I realize that bagels are simply boiled and baked pieces of dough, there is an art to making good bagels.  I’m very proud of my local Brooklyn bagel spot because not only do they make incredibly delicious bagels, but they make a huge variety.  My choice: a mini-flat everything bagel.  ‘Mini’ for obvious reasons […]

Recipe: Classic Popover

When I was a kid, on rare occasion my family would go out to brunch at nice, homey tavern up the road from my parent’s house.  They served these enormous popovers that were warm and steamy when you tore it open.  If you added a little butter or jam it would heat up and get […]