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Glutens Goodness in Flour’s Power

So you’ve heard of white, wheat, corn…and maybe a few other flours.  You might not care much about flour but when attempting to bake, the flour you choose can make or break you. This is where gluten content is key.  Gluten is a sticky, stretchy protein that helps create structure and substance in baked goods.  […]

Coconut Crusted Chicken with a Curry Broth

Many coconut chicken recipes require frying and smothering chicken with dense, heavy (calorie laden) sauces.  My recipe, however, is lighter but with a strong coconut flavor at a reasonable caloric value. Coconut Crusted Chicken with a Curry Broth Serves 8 ½ teaspoon garlic powder 1 cup unsweetened coconut flakes 2 cups panko bread crumbs ¾ […]

Top Food, Nutrition and Wine Apps in 2013

I’m an iphone user and I have very few apps on my phone, mostly because I’m so overwhelmed with the choices that I can’t decide.  I need someone to tell me which I should use.  While I may not know the best games or media apps, I can form my own opinions about the food […]

Recipe: How to make your own flavored salts

Despite the bad rap that salt has gotten, it enhances the flavor of food and adds an extra dimension to your presentation.  Plus, contrary to popular belief, salt added at the table is not the culprit of high blood pressure (but you read my blog so you probably know that already). As a student and […]

Myth: Scientists created the healthiest meal ever

TRUTH:  As you may have seen in the headlines this week, scientists at Leatherhead Food Research (an independent research company in the U.K.) have spent countless hours examining food manufacturer’s health claims, narrowed them down to those claims that were scientifically valid, and created a menu of the “healthiest food ever.”  Some examples of menu […]

Myth: Mushrooms should never be rinsed

TRUTH: Maybe you’ve heard that mushrooms should be cleaned with a damp towel rather than rinsed under running water.  The theory is that because mushrooms are porous, they would absorb water, making them mushy and less appetizing.  Given that they’re already 90% water, I’m not too sure how much more they could absorb! The truth […]

Foraging for Edible Flowers

Before I get into this, I want to highlight that I am not encouraging you to pick your neighbor’s tenderly cultivated flowers and eat them.  But, if you can stop to smell the wild roses, you could eat one too. There are a lot of edible flowers that add extra color and flavor to food. […]

10 easy microwavable meals at work, home or in a dorm

Buying or preparing food for a lunch doesn’t have to be a big deal.  As you probably know by now, microwaving can be a very quick and healthy way to cook food – particularly at work.  Everyone’s heard or seen people cook oatmeal at work or heat up a microwavable dinner, but what else is […]

Recipe: Caramelized Cipollini Onions

Cipollini Onions are easily my favorite onion.  Ok, maybe not – but they’re definitely top 3 (with Vidalia and shallots).  They’re a smaller, flat onion that ranges in pale yellow to light brown.  They’re sweeter onions (as they have more natural sugars than other onions) and pretty mellow so they’re delicate and delicious without any […]

Myth: Searing meat or fish seals in the juices

TRUTH:  What?! Not true?! How can that possibly not be true?!  Those of you who pride yourselves on searing the perfect steak may be cringing at the thought that your method isn’t logical – it’s madness!  This myth has run rampant for years and I still hear chef’s publicly repeating it. And there isn’t just […]