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10 easy microwavable meals at work, home or in a dorm

Buying or preparing food for a lunch doesn’t have to be a big deal.  As you probably know by now, microwaving can be a very quick and healthy way to cook food – particularly at work.  Everyone’s heard or seen people cook oatmeal at work or heat up a microwavable dinner, but what else is […]

Recipe: Baby Artichoke and Vidalia Onion Crustless Quiche

Though a traditional quiche is a savory custard filling in a pastry crust, modern quiches are made with egg mixtures and flavored in a variety of ways.  Here, I omit the crust, which speeds up prep time and cuts the fat.  Since springtime veggies are coming into season, fresh artichokes and Vidalia onion will give […]

Recipe: Savory Wild Winter Rice (plus a cost analysis!)

This recipe demonstrates the affordability of healthy eating and the ease with which you can prepare a healthy and hearty meal.  This recipe combines a whole grain, protein, 3 different colored vegetables and healthy fats (oil).  Further, the seasonal ingredients used help keep the cost down but the flavor bold.  To make this a vegan […]

Recipe: Easy Herbed Eggs

Eggs can be a great, easy meal anytime of day – not just for breakfast!  When I want an easy dinner, I’ll use this recipe with whatever ingredients I have around my kitchen.  The beauty is that this is a one pot, all-in-one meal but without all the fuss.  It’s also very easy to customize, […]

I’m not your mom but I am going to tell you to eat breakfast!

Some people don’t like breakfast.  I’m not one of ’em but I get it – you don’t want to force yourself to eat when you’re not hungry.  It makes you feel sick.  But hear me out.  This is why you should eat breakfast: Breakfast eaters tend to have lower BMI’s than non-breakfast eaters.  It’s hard to say […]

Recipe: Classic Popover

When I was a kid, on rare occasion my family would go out to brunch at nice, homey tavern up the road from my parent’s house.  They served these enormous popovers that were warm and steamy when you tore it open.  If you added a little butter or jam it would heat up and get […]