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10 Alternative Steps for Staying Healthy

Let’s play a visualization game.  I’d ask you to close your eyes, but since I don’t have voice over for this blog post, I’ll just ask you to read slowly and really think about this: Think of the last time you were hungry.  A time when your stomach ached with emptiness and growled for food.  […]

Myth: Pickleback shots prevent hangovers

TRUTH:  I love a good dill pickle.  But the thought of a pickleback shot, is completely disgusting to me.  For those who don’t know, a pickleback is a shot of whiskey followed by a shot of pickle juice.  Ew.  But, the way it’s been explained to me is that it masks the flavor of terrible […]

Myth: To optimize cardio exercise, you need a carbohydrate supplement

TRUTH:  Research that looks at the ingestion of whole food carbohydrates is seriously lacking.  Now that the local, organic, and whole food industries are taking off, the research is quickly following.  There’s been a recent influx of information about using whole foods instead of sports drinks and chews (or goos).  However, two very important studies […]

Myth: Exercising for a longer period of time is always better

TRUTH:  In a recent study of 60 Danish men (who were fit but heavy), the results were clear that after a 3 month period, exercising for 60 minutes does not necessarily mean more weight loss than exercising for 30.  You might be wondering why (I am too) – but there’s probably a simple answer: those […]

Why you should care about food if you care about freedom

After World War II America became the undisputed superpower due to our strong military, economic, political and cultural power. Culturally, freedoms on which we pride ourselves, such as the freedom of speech and freedom of the press allow citizens to live in an open, democratic country. The United States also has the largest economy in […]

HBO’s Weight of the Nation: Dramatic yet disappointing

HBO should be applauded for producing a multi-part documentary film about obesity in this country.  I also think they should be commended for putting the entire series online here, rather than trying to rent it out to make a profit. However, I have to admit, I’m a little disappointed.  Though the serious highlighted some important […]

Myth: To maximize your workout, join a gym

Gym membership has risen significantly over the last 10 years – from about 36 million people to 48 million!  Many experts speculate that the market is still not saturated, so membership rates are expected to rise for several years. Clearly, many people out there subscribe to the idea that gyms are necessary to be healthy. […]

What’s the best workout?

Asking ‘what’s the best workout’ is going to elicit a different answer depending on who you ask.  Personal trainers may encourage cardio but emphasize the benefits of weight training. Endurance athletes will probably promote the benefits of long duration exercise.  Professional athletes will probably cite their diversified workout routines and cross training.  The reason this […]

Myth: Exercising at a low intensity burns more fat

TRUTH: Anyone who has ever been on a treadmill has probably noticed that there is a “fat burning workout” option that keeps your heart rate at a lower level than the cardio workout.  Given that it’s called a “fat burning workout”, it’s logical to assume that means that you’ll burn more fat by keeping your […]

Myth: Early morning exercise on an empty stomach burns the most fat.

TRUTH: Many myths stem from reality or are vaguely similar to some extreme version of the truth. Well, in this myth the truth is that you do, in fact burn more fat during exercise after fasting, even an overnight fast.  However, you know this statement isn’t true in its entirety or this would be a […]