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Myth: Vertical farming will save our food system

TRUTH:  It’s official – vertical farming won’t save our food system right now.  But it could in the future.  This week, the country’s largest vertical, aquaponic (soil-free) farm opened in Chicago, IL.  The process by which FarmedHere is growing plants (using the excrement of tilapia to create mineral-rich water that is cycled through stacked plant […]

Myth: Your spicy tuna roll is made from tuna

TRUTH:  This isn’t completely a myth but because there’s a 1 in 3 chance that your tuna is actually tuna.  From over 1,000 samples collected over the last couple years, a seafood conservation group, Oceana, has used DNA testing to prove that only about one third of the samples taken were properly labeled.  The most […]

A look at the bright side of overfishing…

…and by “bright”, I mean “vibrant”, “vivid” or “brilliant”.  I do not mean “positive” “cheerful” or “happy” – though part of me is (admittedly) very excited to see the outcome of this interesting evolution.  A few months ago, I saw an article online about a large blue lobster found in Nova Scotia.  Now, it turns […]

Myth: fresh seafood is always better than frozen

TRUTH:  Most people believe that fresh fish is best; the price tag is usually higher and top quality chefs only prepare fresh ingredients.  However, for the home cook, frozen can be a great option.  If you live close to water, truly fresh fish is relatively easy to come by.  For the inland population, “fresh” fish […]

10 easy microwavable meals at work, home or in a dorm

Buying or preparing food for a lunch doesn’t have to be a big deal.  As you probably know by now, microwaving can be a very quick and healthy way to cook food – particularly at work.  Everyone’s heard or seen people cook oatmeal at work or heat up a microwavable dinner, but what else is […]

Recipe: Crispy Panko Fish Sticks with Tzatziki Dip

In an effort to embrace fish sticks, a popular fast food treat, this recipe offers a tasty and healthy alternative to the breaded and fried fast food sticks served with tartar sauce.  There are a few major changes to make ‘em healthier.   First and most obviously: don’t fry them.  Second, use fresh fish – if […]

Recipe: Thyme and Fennel Steamed Salmon

Many people, if not all of us, have experienced bland steamed food.  The perception of steaming, in general is that it doesn’t add flavor or depth to a dish.   In general, the addition of a fat (vegetable oils or butter, for example) gives dimension to a dish, but adding fat is not the only way […]

From Sea to Spoon

Free range chicken, grass fed beef, organically grown produce are all terms we’re familiar with these days.  Farmers markets have popped up everywhere and CSA’s (community supported agriculture) are becoming more popular.  But we don’t hear too much about CSFs (community supported fisheries) or sustainable fishing. When talking about destroying the environment, it seems careless […]

A Guide to Local Fish in New York and the Northeast

Recipe: Roasted Trout with White Wine and Sage

I was in a very autumn mood last weekend and made several fall dishes from local produce from Glebocki Farms at the Corona, Queens Greenmarket.  Using most of my fall and winter veggies, I made 3 vegetables dishes and this fresh, slightly acidic fish recipe to offset the sweetness of good squash.  I didn’t have […]