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Recipe: Apples with Cherry Glaze

Out with the old and in with the new!  It’s a little sad to see last year’s apple harvest dwindle, as the last of the cold storage apples are sold at farmers’ markets.  But springtime brings back the cherry!  Cherries and berries (strawberries) are coming into season, and though local cherries aren’t available in New […]

Recipe: Blueberry Grape Relish

I know that a mere 4 weeks ago I claimed to be “dying” for summer fruits.  Maybe I was a little overdramatic, but again, I’m dying for summer fruits!  The strawberries in the Strawberry-Chipotle Compote were satisfying but they only satisfied my craving for about a month. This week, I’m moving onto a different summer […]

Recipe: Strawberry Chipotle Compote

I’m dying for some summer fruits!  I’m all squashed out right now and I’m guessing many of us are feeling the same way.  At a recipe tasting I conducted yesterday, where people tasted and compared 4 acorn squash recipes, someone commented “Tasty! They looked appealing but I can’t pick one. I’m sick of squash! (But […]

Recipe: Pineapple Raisin Bread Pudding

Bread pudding has roots in many cultures’ food histories, from Europe to Argentina.  It’s a dessert that’s a great use for stale bread and can be flavored with so many different fruits and spices, so try experimenting!  Some other ideas include trying different dried fruits or using maple syrup in lieu of sugar. This is […]

Recipe: Sweet Apple and Persimmon Sauté

I know that you’re probably already skeptical of this recipe, given that it’s less common to have sautéed desserts.  But, I’m saving you fat and (obviously) calories by making this a sauté.  Normally, this sauté might be used as a filling for pies or other pastry desserts.  However, pastry itself is just refined flour and […]

A Glimpse into a Dietitian’s Kitchen

Often, private clients seeking guidance begin our first session stating ‘I want to be ______ and I don’t always eat the things I know I should. What do you eat?’ and I wish it worked like that – I could just tell them what I eat and then everything would be “fixed”. But it’s highly […]

Recipe: Bulgur Salad with Pomegranate and Pistachios

Easy winter salads that are filling but pack a good nutrition punch can be repetitive (quinoa with butternut squash, amaranth with acorn squash, etc).  Often though, I just want a quick and easy recipe to make a large amount of food that’ll keep for at least a week and doesn’t have squash.  I’ve tried a […]

Recipe: Fresh Cranberry Relish with Orange Zest

There aren’t too many fall and winter fruits in the northeast and cranberries are my favorite winter berry (and the only).  My problem with most cranberry sauces (especially those at Thanksgiving feasts) is that they’re clumpy, jelly-like blobs with chunks of fruit that vaguely resemble cranberries.  I’m just generally not a fan of unrecognizable foods […]

Recipe: Blueberry Lemon Breakfast Bars

It’s often just about this time of year when I start missing all the summer berries, so I like to dig into my frozen stash and use a few to reminisce about the summer’s treats.  Think of this recipe as a dessert pancake, though I usually cut them into bars and snack.  If you want, […]

Recipe: Cinnamon Raisin Applesauce

It has recently come to my attention that some of you are not fans of applesauce.  Huge mistake, in my opinion because applesauce is delicious.  I’m not talking about the processed kind that you buy in a jar, but the applesauce you make at home.  Maybe it’s a texture thing for you and you don’t […]