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Vindicating Venezeula

You don’t have to be a socialist to appreciate Hugo Chavez’s efforts toward achieving food sovereignty for his country.  Though a small country of about 29 million people, the government’s radical stance on agricultural independence outlined in Chavez’s 21st century constitution is finally starting to pay off. In the 1920’s, when Venezuela struck oil, they gained […]

Myth: Avoiding grains (i.e. the Paleo diet) is true to our ancestors

TRUTH:  Omitting grains is emphasized for those following the Paleo Diet because proponents claim that humans aren’t adapted to eating grains.  In short, these claims are completely unfounded and, in some cases, just plain false.  Here’s a look at the grain-related claims: Claim #1: Humans aren’t meant to eat grains. Claim #2: Humans have only […]

Myth: You should cut out gluten to lose weight or be healthy

TRUTH: Going gluten free is very popular these days – a new study says that 80% of people on a gluten free diet do not have celiac disease.  80%! To be fair, some of those people are probably gluten sensitive and only about 1 in 5 people with Celiac disease are diagnosed but still, that’s […]

Myth: Climate change is years from affecting our food supply

TRUTH:  Unfortunately, this myth can be busted in a single sentence: food prices may rise 3-4% this year due to the drought.  Here are the facts: 2012 is a record year for heat in the entire Northern Hemisphere. This drought is the worst in 50 years and is affecting more than 50% of the country. […]

Slow Food’s slow decline

You may have seen recent headlines and wondered what’s up with Slow Food USA. In one word: drama. Background: Slow Food International, the parent organization of the USA chapter, was founded in 1986 in Italy to preserve biodiversity and traditional foods.  Chapters have popped up all over the world in opposition to fast food.  It’s […]

The GM crop game: Which would you approve?

There are 2 new GM crops vying for the spotlight right now and one of them is definitely going to be in great supply. Here are the facts; you pick the lesser of 2 evils: Crop A: Ventria Rice This rice, developed by Ventria Biosciences, has genes from human livers spliced into its DNA so […]

Recipe: Pea Shoot and Beech Mushroom Pasta

It’s officially the first day of spring!  We made it through a not-so-brutal winter and hopefully you’re sick and tired of winter veggies because we’re moving on! Grated, in the northeast, we’re not exactly reaping the benefits of our spring harvest (or even getting a glimpse of microgreen peaking above soil) but, nonetheless, we should […]

More on the Paleo Diet Paradigm

Check out Myth: Paleo is the Way to Go  for a quick synopsis of the diet. As a general rule, I’m skeptical of any special “diet” because, when push comes to shove, I fully and completely believe that the average healthy person should eat whatever they want – in moderate amounts.  For optimal health, fruits, […]

Recipe: Savory Wild Winter Rice (plus a cost analysis!)

This recipe demonstrates the affordability of healthy eating and the ease with which you can prepare a healthy and hearty meal.  This recipe combines a whole grain, protein, 3 different colored vegetables and healthy fats (oil).  Further, the seasonal ingredients used help keep the cost down but the flavor bold.  To make this a vegan […]

Myth: Gluten is toxic and decreases your energy levels.

TRUTH:  If I made the statement ‘I’m not eating gluten’ 10 years ago, you probably would have cocked your head to the side a little and said ‘gluten?! What’s that?’  What propelled gluten into the media spotlight and food-trend bandwagon?  A single scientific study. This study, published in 2003 found that celiac disease (an allergy […]