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Recipe: Rocket-Sunflower Seed Pesto Pasta

You may have heard of ‘rocket pesto’ (from the alternative name of arugula, roquette) and it’s commonly prepared the same way as a basil pesto.  However, the flavors of basil (traditional pesto) and arugula are so different that I think the arugula needs it’s own pesto flavors. It’s easy to grow in containers and the […]

Recipe: Spiced Wine

Wine has some incredible health benefits, giving me an excuse to enjoy it frequently.  Actually, I suppose ‘frequently’ is a relative term.  I probably enjoy a glass of wine a few times a week, most often when I eat out.  Eating out gives me a great opportunity to try a variety of wines, some that […]

Recipe: Warm Sweet Potato Salad

Around this time of year, kale, swiss chard, and collard greens are the popularly used winter greens.  Though, underused, mustard greens shouldn’t be overlooked.  They have a nice earthy, peppery flavor that adds a little unexpected kick.  Some mustard greens look similar to curly kale, with curly edges to the leaves, but other mustard greens […]

Recipe: Ginger Scented Blueberry Salad

Blueberries and peaches are in full summer swing right now!  Not only are they at their peak, but they’re at their cheapest for the year.  Everything is less expensive when it’s in season.  If you shop from a farmers’ market, there’s a good chance your peaches were picked yesterday.  Besides, blueberries are one of the […]

Recipe: Greek Lemon and Rice Soup

I’m experimenting with cuisines of different origins and I thought I would venture into the wide world (tiny country) of Greece.  For those reading this who don’t reside in New York City, I’m sorry.  You’re missing some stellar meals, as Queens, NY has the highest Greek population outside of Greece. I have never cooked soup […]

Recipe: Luscious Lemon Rounds

These lemon rounds are a perfect single serving dessert – you can make as little as one with ease (and left over lemon curd)! Get creative with this – try different shapes (like squares) or mold the phyllo into cupcake tins to make a phyllo cups. HINT: You can also buy frozen phyllo cups! Don’t be […]