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Silencing ‘Ag-Gag’ Bills

I want to shed some light on an  appalling trend in legislation, that has emerged in the last 12 months: Ag-Gag bills.  I’m hoping that with a catchy name, people will listen and lobbyists won’t have a fighting chance of getting more of these nonsense bills passed. Basically, Ag-Gag is a term for any proposed […]

Myth: to get enough iron, you need to eat red meat

TRUTH: It’s true that some Americans don’t get enough iron (i.e. menstruating women) and some get way too much (creating cancer-causing free radicals).  Though, it’s not because we’re lacking sufficient red meat intake. First, let’s be clear about red meat consumption in the U.S.  It’s very high; too high in fact.  Most Americans consume about […]

Myth: Searing meat or fish seals in the juices

TRUTH:  What?! Not true?! How can that possibly not be true?!  Those of you who pride yourselves on searing the perfect steak may be cringing at the thought that your method isn’t logical – it’s madness!  This myth has run rampant for years and I still hear chef’s publicly repeating it. And there isn’t just […]

Judging: Ethically Eating Meat

The essays are in and the judging is underway!  In case you missed it, the New York Times issued an essay contest challenging readers to make an ethical case for eating meat.  Now, the bunch has been whittled down to 6 essays and we, the public get to vote. I encourage you to read all […]

Ethically Eating Meat

As many of you probably know by now, the New York Times launched an essay contest this week, asking writers to make a case for why it’s ethical to eat meat.  I think this is a phenomenal idea.  Am I entering the contest? No.  But, I think a lot of people will and will make […]

A Glimpse into a Dietitian’s Kitchen

Often, private clients seeking guidance begin our first session stating ‘I want to be ______ and I don’t always eat the things I know I should. What do you eat?’ and I wish it worked like that – I could just tell them what I eat and then everything would be “fixed”. But it’s highly […]

Recipe: Ideas for Thanksgiving Leftovers

It’s almost been a week and you still have Thanksgiving leftovers? Here are a few recipe suggestions for creative ways to use the last of your bounty. Cranberry Relish/Sauce: If the sauce is fresh (with uncooked cranberries) Add it to sangria or spiced wine Add it to yogurt with a little brown sugar or maple […]

Update: Meat Glue

Many of you have been curious about the prevalence of meat glue.  Here are answers to the most common questions I’ve gotten since my post. 1. Does Boars Head or other processed lunchmeats use meat glue? Answer: No.  Boars Head does not.  I can’t necessarily say the same for other brands! 2. Is there anything […]

A Tale of Two Turkeys

In September of 1620, the passengers of the Mayflower set sail from England to Massachusetts.  The first year was difficult; they spent most of the winter on the ship and emerged around March when the weather improved.  Luckily for the Pilgrims, a Native American Indian, named Squanto, taught them to cultivate corn, fish, tap maple […]

Shmeat: At least it’s not meat glue…(!?)

You may have read my post about meat glue and been completely appalled.  Glued meat is part animal and part synthetic lab protein).  Now, you can have 100% synthetic lab protein called Shmeat.  I’m not joking. Shmeat (short for sheet of meat) is grown in labs from a live animal’s cells.  To “grow” an abundance of […]