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Myth: Pickleback shots prevent hangovers

TRUTH:  I love a good dill pickle.  But the thought of a pickleback shot, is completely disgusting to me.  For those who don’t know, a pickleback is a shot of whiskey followed by a shot of pickle juice.  Ew.  But, the way it’s been explained to me is that it masks the flavor of terrible […]

Myth: to get enough iron, you need to eat red meat

TRUTH: It’s true that some Americans don’t get enough iron (i.e. menstruating women) and some get way too much (creating cancer-causing free radicals).  Though, it’s not because we’re lacking sufficient red meat intake. First, let’s be clear about red meat consumption in the U.S.  It’s very high; too high in fact.  Most Americans consume about […]

Myth: Microwaving foods zaps nutrients away

TRUTH: I want to start by being clear about how microwaves heat food.  Microwaves emit a small amount of radiation that excites molecules, causing them to heat up.  Microwaves do not actually zap (i.e. break apart or destroying molecules with ionizing radiation) food. The actual waves don’t kill nutrients, so what does?  Overcooking!  Some nutrients […]

Vitamins and Minerals 101

One of the most common inquires I get is about vitamin and mineral supplements; people are very interested in specific vitamins and their functions.  Honestly, I have trouble giving concise answers because the real answer is that vitamins and minerals have many functions.  But, ‘they have many functions’ is not a satisfying answer, you still […]

Myth: Sea salt is better for your health than regular, iodized table salt.

TRUTH:  I’d like to start by pointing out that iodized salt is iodized for a reason.  If your diet (diet = all of the foods and drinks you consume) lacks iodine, you may develop goiter.  Goiter is a swollen thyroid gland, which occurs (in this case) when the gland doesn’t have enough iodine to make […]