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Trending Today: Chia Seeds

I’ve been holding off on posting about chia seeds but I’ve gotten so many questions about them recently, that I have to address the topic!  Chia seeds, popularly added to Kombucha and other trendy beverages, are being touted for their omega-3 content and fiber.  Some claim that they can help lower cholesterol, triglycerides and blood […]

Recipe: Minted Green Tea Yogurt Filled Raspberries

Anyone who’s ever had green tea ice cream knows that it’s an earthy flavor and with a little creamy sweetness, it becomes delicate and light.  I suggest using Matcha green tea because it’s finely ground and powdery. If you have large berries (or are using strawberries), use an egg carton to keep the berries upright.  […]

Recipe: Rocket-Sunflower Seed Pesto Pasta

You may have heard of ‘rocket pesto’ (from the alternative name of arugula, roquette) and it’s commonly prepared the same way as a basil pesto.  However, the flavors of basil (traditional pesto) and arugula are so different that I think the arugula needs it’s own pesto flavors. It’s easy to grow in containers and the […]

Recipe: Baklava Bundles

The history of Baklava is up for debate but it may date back to Mesopotamia, around the 13th century.  That’s old!  Its earliest concoctions were probably made with dough, nuts, sweets (like fruits).  These days, it’s made with all kinds of nuts, sweets or seldomly-used ingredients like rose water, depending on what region of the […]

Recipe: Raw Cauliflower Salad

This salad combines a variety of raw but very tasty winter fruits and vegetables into an easy to make, flavorful dish.  The great thing about this salad is that you can pretty much use whatever you have at home to throw this together.  For instance, replacing the red apple with red grapes or dried cranberries […]

Recipe: Lemony Brussels Sprouts Slaw

Brussels sprouts are usually thought of as a veggie that needs cooking but they can be very delicious without any heat.  Sometimes I want an easy recipe, that doesn’t require too much “work” aka I want the directions to read: combine ingredients in bowl.  Eat and enjoy.  So, if you’re like me but still want […]

Recipe: Sweet Wheat Berry Salad

This wheat berry salad is a great combination of whole grains and protein, while packing a sweet and hearty flavor.  It’s energy dense and is a great side for any summer party, from a brunch to a barbeque.  Because the dressing is thin, it can settle to the bottom, so if you’re making it ahead […]

Recipe: Maple Walnut Banana Bread

I’m not big on pastries or other baked goods but I really enjoy banana bread.  With a little bit of melt-y butter, it’s a perfect dessert or treat.  The problem is that often, banana bread just isn’t that healthy.  Between the sugar and white flour, it can feel like asted calories.  Here’s a recipe that’s […]

Mother’s Day Brunch Menu and Tips

Mother’s Day is one of the few days of the year when mom shouldn’t have to cook or clean!  Going out for mothers day brunch is nice, but if you’re scrambling for last minute ideas, staying in and cooking her bunch is a great way to spend time without spending too much money. I’m cooking […]

Myth: Avoid nuts (and nut butters) because they are fattening.

TRUTH: Nuts provide a great source of protein and “good” fat – unsaturated fats.  Though you want to watch your portion sizes, nuts are a fantastic, filling snack.  Processed nut butters, like peanut butter, often contain extra sugar or salt, but there are now many brands widely available with no added ingredients.  Just check the […]