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Top Food, Nutrition and Wine Apps in 2013

I’m an iphone user and I have very few apps on my phone, mostly because I’m so overwhelmed with the choices that I can’t decide.  I need someone to tell me which I should use.  While I may not know the best games or media apps, I can form my own opinions about the food […]

5 ways the government could improve our food system (and health)

As you probably know, the US is at a fiscal critical moment.  One of the major discussions in this year’s election debates is what programs should or should not be cut from the federal budget.  The Farm Bill costs the federal government about $300 billion dollars – 15% of which (aka $45 billion) is spent […]

Product Spotlight: Holy Crap, Dragon’s Blend

Why have I chosen Holy Crap Cereal for the product spotlight? (Isn’t it obvious?!)  This cereal claims to be the worlds most amazing breakfast cereal.  Plus, it’s the Dragon’s blend.  And, clearly, they’re well fed, so since this is their blend, I’m in.   Here are the nutritional claims on the package (including the back), […]

The hype of the Stanford Food Study

If you have read a newspaper, news website, news or simply watched the news in the last couple weeks, you probably learned that a new study about organic food was recently published by Stanford University.  The major finding was that organic foods really don’t have greater health benefits than their conventionally grown counterparts. However, the […]

Myth: Organic foods don’t contain pesticides

TRUTH: Organic foods contain organic pesticides – an important distinction but pesticides nonetheless.  The organic pesticides on the market are made from naturally occurring substances rather than lab-manufactured chemicals. On a small scale, some home gardeners use spray bottles with mixtures of oil and soap, orange peel-castile soap, garlic-pepper, or nicotine solutions.  Large-scale organic farms […]

News Flash: Organic food customers are selfish and rude!

I’m about to blow your mind.  We’re jerks.  All of us (as a group), not as individuals.  How can I make such a terrible, blanket statement like that?  Well, I’m merely the messenger so don’t shoot me. A new study came out recently that our moral processing is related to our tastes and those also […]

Organic: been there, eaten that. Now what?

I have no doubt by now that you’ve been bombarded with persuasive arguments as to why you should be eating organic foods.  If you’re not currently living on planet Earth, maybe you’ve missed the reasons – but don’t fret, check out An In Depth Look at Organic. However, the complexities of our food choices and […]