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Silencing ‘Ag-Gag’ Bills

I want to shed some light on an  appalling trend in legislation, that has emerged in the last 12 months: Ag-Gag bills.  I’m hoping that with a catchy name, people will listen and lobbyists won’t have a fighting chance of getting more of these nonsense bills passed. Basically, Ag-Gag is a term for any proposed […]

5 ways the government could improve our food system (and health)

As you probably know, the US is at a fiscal critical moment.  One of the major discussions in this year’s election debates is what programs should or should not be cut from the federal budget.  The Farm Bill costs the federal government about $300 billion dollars – 15% of which (aka $45 billion) is spent […]

Myth: Energy drinks boost energy

TRUTH: Most energy drinks contain a lot of caffeine or a lot of sugar (or both) – which can provide a short burst of energy, but generally isn’t worth it because you’ll crash afterwards. Depending on the drink, it may contain one or more of these other classes of ingredients: Stimulants– they stimulate the central […]

Product Spotlight: Holy Crap, Dragon’s Blend

Why have I chosen Holy Crap Cereal for the product spotlight? (Isn’t it obvious?!)  This cereal claims to be the worlds most amazing breakfast cereal.  Plus, it’s the Dragon’s blend.  And, clearly, they’re well fed, so since this is their blend, I’m in.   Here are the nutritional claims on the package (including the back), […]

How fracking can affect food

If you read the news, you’re probably aware of ‘fracking’ aka hydraulic fracturing.  Basically, it’s the process of extracting petroleum (a natural gas) by using chemicals (some of which are toxic) to create pressure fractures in rock.  By doing so, oil and gas companies can speed the extraction process in deep natural gas well drilling.   […]

How to save your heirloom tomato seeds

This works for any tomato seeds, really, but sometimes I come across a rare variety of heirloom tomato that is not only pretty but sweet and juicy.  I’m always a little sad thinking that I might never find that variety again.  But, with these 5 easy steps, you can easily save the seeds and grow […]

Myth: You should cut out gluten to lose weight or be healthy

TRUTH: Going gluten free is very popular these days – a new study says that 80% of people on a gluten free diet do not have celiac disease.  80%! To be fair, some of those people are probably gluten sensitive and only about 1 in 5 people with Celiac disease are diagnosed but still, that’s […]

Myth: School food is making kids obese

TRUTH: While obesity among adults has doubled in recent years, obesity among children has tripled. Many attribute poor quality school food (including breakfast, lunch, snacks and vending machines) as one of the major contributing factors to this rise in obesity rates. When I was in elementary, middle and some of high school, I ate school […]

Myth: Genetically Modified Foods are safe to eat

TRUTH: In an effort to make this easy to read, I’m bulleting the major points because the research studies conducted so far paint a clear picture: Laboratory and livestock animal studies have found harmful effects from GMO seed. The most hyped GM nutritionally enhanced food (Golden Rice) hasn’t been proven safe or effective.  Meanwhile, a […]

Playing the Blame Game with Soda

Let’s establish a few facts that will be the basis of this post: Disadvantaged populations consume soda more frequently than any other group. Increased soda consumption is also linked with minority groups, low-income status, and less education. Soda has a lot of calories and few nutrients. Consuming excess calories leads to weight gain. Many people […]