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Recipe: Smoked Sun-Dried Tomato and Red Lentil Salad

In a moment of panic for a 4th of July party, I didn’t have enough vegetarian options so I had to throw something together.  This was the result and it was one of the biggest hits at the party (second only to pulled pork on ciabatta with red cabbage)!   Smoked Sun-Dried Tomato and Red […]

Recipe: Spicy Plum Salsa

This salsa is great because it’s sweet and very colorful if you choose a variety of colored plums.  It’s can be served as a side salad, dip, or with grilled fish or chicken.   Spicy Plum Salsa Serves 6 6 plums, diced – yellow, red and purple 1 small cucumber, seeded and diced 3-4 dried […]

Recipe: Sweet and Spicy Cucumbers

Take advantage of Kirby cucumbers because they’re now in season.  Often, I would recommend making pickles with these cucumbers, but canning in the heat sounds a little tedious and uncomfortably hot.  Instead, this is a basic quick pickle that will last in your fridge for weeks. Sweet and Spicy Cucumbers Serves 6 6 Kirby cucumbers, […]

Easy at-work lunches stored in your desk

You’re running to work and you don’t have a lunch packed, again.  You’re probably annoyed, frustrated, and feeling like your goal to eat healthy has been foiled, again.  Lunch at work can be difficult, particularly if you’re not a home cook.  If you want something fast, easy, and that can be stored in your desk, […]

Recipe: Szechuan Green Beans

Green beans are, in my opinion, one of the best spring veggies because they’re green, crunchy and delicious raw.  However, there are still some cold nights ahead of us and this dish is a great way to use green beans in a bold, flavorful, comforting side dish. Chinese style Szechuan cooking is characterized by bold […]

Recipe: Tomato Baba Ganoush

I almost titled this recipe “lazy” baba ganoush but I think that gives the wrong impression of this recipe.  However, it conveys what I want it to convey – this is the most simple baba (for short) recipe that I’ve ever made; and it’s delicious because most of the ingredients are raw. When you think […]

Recipe: Raw Tomatillo Salsa

Tomatillo salsa (aka salsa verde) is very common in Mexican and Latin American cuisine – sometimes spicy, sometimes sweet.  Though they’re typically green, there’s also a purple variety that tastes very similar. Usually the best way to bring out the sweet flavor of tomatillos is by roasting them – but boiling is not uncommon either.  […]

Recipe: Strawberry Chipotle Compote

I’m dying for some summer fruits!  I’m all squashed out right now and I’m guessing many of us are feeling the same way.  At a recipe tasting I conducted yesterday, where people tasted and compared 4 acorn squash recipes, someone commented “Tasty! They looked appealing but I can’t pick one. I’m sick of squash! (But […]

Recipe: Lemony Spaghetti Squash

When steamed and scooped with a fork, spaghetti squash turns into pasta-like strands with fewer calories and good squash-y flavor.  If you want something lighter than pasta, it’s a great alternative – one cup only has 42 calories! This recipe is a great side dish and a way to combine fresh and frozen ingredients – […]

Recipe: Sweet Pumpkin Tamales

Tamales are a traditional Latin American food – often made with corn flour (masa harina), lard, and a filling wrapped in a husk or leaf and steamed.  The lard produces a soft, moist, almost buttery texture.  They’re delicious but incredibly unhealthy!  I think this recipe is still a great alternative! Tamales are incredibly versatile – […]