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Myth: To optimize cardio exercise, you need a carbohydrate supplement

TRUTH:  Research that looks at the ingestion of whole food carbohydrates is seriously lacking.  Now that the local, organic, and whole food industries are taking off, the research is quickly following.  There’s been a recent influx of information about using whole foods instead of sports drinks and chews (or goos).  However, two very important studies […]

Myth: To maximize your workout, join a gym

Gym membership has risen significantly over the last 10 years – from about 36 million people to 48 million!  Many experts speculate that the market is still not saturated, so membership rates are expected to rise for several years. Clearly, many people out there subscribe to the idea that gyms are necessary to be healthy. […]

What’s the best workout?

Asking ‘what’s the best workout’ is going to elicit a different answer depending on who you ask.  Personal trainers may encourage cardio but emphasize the benefits of weight training. Endurance athletes will probably promote the benefits of long duration exercise.  Professional athletes will probably cite their diversified workout routines and cross training.  The reason this […]

Athletic Supplements: Worth it or Work Harder?

Dietary supplements are any substances intended to provide nutrients in addition to food.  They are mostly unregulated and often make unsubstantiated claims about improving performance and endurance capacity.  Usually, the claims made are generalized results and are sensationalized in the media. What You Need to Know: A product may claim to contain substances that are not included […]

Marathon Training Tips

Week Before High carbohydrate. Maintain at least a 55% carbohydrate diet for the first 4 days of the week, then increase it to 70% carbohydrate in the three days prior to race day. Lean protein. Aim to get .5-.6g/lb of protein from lean meats, fish, and vegetable protein.  Examples of lean meat include chicken breast […]